Mission Atlantis Now Available to Members!

April 18, 2014

Survival Island is also now available to everyone!

And the Winner is…

April 16, 2014

I’d first like to give a hearty applause to everyone who entered the ‘Create Your Dream Island’ competition. Together, you submitted over 2,000 ideas, but the Creators have finally chosen a winner:

Sarah S., aka Magic Eagle, who won for her entry ‘Arabian Nights Island’!

PopPic And the Winner is...

Congratulations Sarah! You can read the full interview with her here on the Creator’s Blog.

April 16, 2014

April 11, 2014

My latest (and hopefully last) hiatus from blogging is finally over, so now I can finally get back on my feet and recap everything I’ve missed over the past month.

First off: IF YOU CAN, GET ON POPTROPICA RIGHT NOW. Head for the nearest Main Street and go to one of the ads on the far right like this one:


 Watch the video and collect the Poptropica App Tablet. This is a LIMITED TIME ONLY item, so once it’s gone, it’ll be gone forever. My internet connection has been really slow lately so I can’t access Poptropica myself, so all I can do right now is spread the word.

Second: For a long time, the sneak peeks in the Daily Pop have been hinting at an island with an underwater theme. Now we now that the island is called ‘Mission Atlantis’ and that the first episode will be released to members on March 17 (next Thursday), the same date that Survival: Crash Landing will be available to everyone.

MissionAtlantis Logo

 Something doesn’t seem right here… why are they releasing the first episode of Mission Atlantis when they haven’t yet released the next episode of Survival? Shouldn’t they finish one story before they move on to the next one?

Will You Survive?

March 15, 2014

survival1 Will You Survive?

The first part of Poptropica’s next island, Survival: Crash Landing, will be released next week on March 20. This will be the first island to be released in episodes, which means that we’ll be able to play newly released quests more often, but in short bursts. Here’s the trailer, and it looks pretty epic:

This looks like it may actually be the first quest to incorporate the blimp in its storyline (and have it blown up). The question is, will these individual episodes be long enough to make the shorter waiting time worth it? If you have to crash-land a blimp, then wait another month to go find food, then wait another month to build a shelter, it could get a bit tedious.

Poptropica Awards – The Winners!

March 15, 2014

Here are all of the islands released in 2013, from worst to best, along with their respective awards. Keep in mind that these are all just my opinions, so don’t take any offense if your favorite island ends up getting a lame award.

6. Night Watch Island- Best “Extras” (costumes, etc.). From the Angry Birds-style cell phone app to the hat booth, this island is chock-full of fun things to do while you’re bored (which comes in handy in a quest like this).

PopPic 300x238 Poptropica Awards   The Winners!

5. Poptropolis Games- Best Minigames. It may be unfair considering that this island consists completely of minigames, but I like them anyway.

PopPic1 300x199 Poptropica Awards   The Winners!

4. Mocktropica- Best Script. The dialogue in this quest is really witty and silly, so it might also count as the funniest island.

PopPic2 300x234 Poptropica Awards   The Winners!

3. Virus Hunter Island- Funnest Island. I may get some criticism for the grammatically incorrect name, but that’s the best way to describe this island – it’s fun, entertaining, and thoroughly satisfactory.

PopPic3 300x214 Poptropica Awards   The Winners!

2. Zomberry Island- Best Design. The graphic designers really did a good job setting the mood for this island. It looks both quirky and creepy at the same time, perfectly capturing the essence of the entire zombie genre. With everything shrouded in darkness, you never know what’ll happen at every turn.

PopPic4 300x177 Poptropica Awards   The Winners!

1. Back Lot Island- Best Island. After my glowing review of Back Lot Island earlier, you could probably already guess that this was going to take the number one spot. It’s chock full of references to famous films and has a spectacular ending where everything you’ve accomplished in the quest is boiled down into one movie screening. I’ll just sum it up with this quote:

PopPic5 300x240 Poptropica Awards   The Winners!

  Thanks for reading the 2014 Poptropica Awards! Here’s to another year full of fun quests and quirky characters!



Poptropica Awards! Part 2

March 8, 2014

virus hunter logo1 Poptropica Awards! Part 2

For the three months between Virus Hunter’s announcement and its release, the Creators spent a lot of time blogging about how it would be the biggest and best island yet. Then the long wait was over, and the island turned out to be … good. I’ll give it that. It was a fun island with cool designs and great dialogue. But I don’t think for a second that it is Poptropica’s “best” (for me, that award probably goes to Mythology or Super Villain). Still, I liked it, even if it fell a little bit short of expectations.

PoptropolisGames logo Poptropica Awards! Part 2

Does this count as an island since it’s technically a re-release? Some new content was added and it even got its own trailer so I’m going to say yes. I really don’t have much to say about it besides this: it’s a great concept and I love the games (especially the two new ones), but I wish there was more story to it.

mocktropica logo Poptropica Awards! Part 2

Mocktropica is like no island that ever came before… in this quest, you have to save Poptropica itself from rogue game designers! It’s nice to know that Poptropica isn’t afraid to make fun of itself at times. Still, considering how much of a breakthrough this island is, it’s hard to believe that it consists of so little: there’s a mountain, a school, a cheese factory, and that’s about it. Compared to the visuals of other islands of late, it kind of falls flat at times.


Come back next week for when the awards are presented!