Survival: Escape Now Available to Members!

September 11, 2014

survival Survival: Escape Now Available to Members!

 After four episodes of nail-biting suspense in the cold Arctic wilderness, it’s finally come down to this. Can you escape the clutches of a diabolical hunter? Can you make it out of the woods alive? Well now you can… if you’re a member. Hopefully this means that the first episode of Poptropicon will be available to members next week.


Ever wanted to rock out to the theme from Monster Carnival Island on your iPod? Well, now you can, with Poptropica Music, Vol. 1 Survival: Escape Now Available to Members!: the official soundtrack for Poptropica’s latest SUI’s (Sound Updated Islands). You can download individual tracks for .99 each, or get all twelve for $8.99.


My First LEGO Ideas Project!

August 31, 2014

You may remember when the Creators built a Dr. Hare’s Lair set and put it on LEGO Ideas, the official Kickstarter for LEGO. Well, after months of designing and building, I’m proud to announce my own project: the Lord of the Rings Advent Calendar!

Advent Calendar10 My First LEGO Ideas Project!


LEGO fans know that every December, LEGO releases advent calendars where you build a model or a minifigure each day leading up to Christmas. They already have Star Wars advent calendars (there’s even one with Yoda dressed up as Santa), so I thought I’d make one based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

A.C. 12 My First LEGO Ideas Project!A.C. 21 My First LEGO Ideas Project!

You can view pictures of all of the models on my Flickr page. Please support my Lord of the Rings Advent Calendar today!

PoptropiCon: Line Forms Here Now Available to Members!

August 28, 2014

Mission Atlantis: Out of the Blue is also available to non-members.

If you need any help with Episode 1 of PoptropiCon Island, the Creators have got you covered. For the first time ever, they’ve released an official Poptropica walkthrough on the island’s info page.

Join the Challenge!

August 27, 2014

This past week, many Poptropicans have taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, and now it’s your turn! Log onto Poptropica now to get a free Ice Bucket Challenge card.

iceBucket Join the Challenge!

 Activating the card will dump an icy cold bucket of water on your head, although you probably won’t be able to make a viral video out of it.

IceBucketChallenge Join the Challenge!


More PoptropiCon Island Goodness!

August 14, 2014

The info page for PoptropiCon Island has now been released. Here’s the description:

Everyone is dressed up for the biggest sci-fi and fantasy convention in Poptropica. At PoptropiCon, the most important thing isn’t what you do — it’s how you look doing it!

 The island will be split into four episodes, starting with Episode 1: Line Forms Here:

PoptropiCon is the hottest ticket in town. It’ll take all your wits — and more than a few disguises — to crash the party!

Sounds like fun! From this wallpaper, we can infer that you’ll be able to enter a cosplay contest and watch the trailer for an Avengers/Justice League/Guardians of the Galaxy ripoff called Mighty Action Force.

Poptropicon Wallpaper More PoptropiCon Island Goodness!

As usual, members will get a free gear pack, this time including cosplay for characters from Lunar Colony and Game Show Island.

conCostumes More PoptropiCon Island Goodness!

Members will also receive a printable poster featuring their avatar front and center.

conPoster More PoptropiCon Island Goodness!


Mission Atlantis: Out of the Blue Now Available to Members!

August 7, 2014

As of today, Poptropica members can play the final installment in the Mission Atlantis trilogy. Also, Survival: Cabin Fever is available for everyone to play. It looks like there’s going to be one more episode after this, making Survival Island a total of five episodes long.

To celebrate the release of Mission Atlantis: Out of the Blue, everyone (not just members, everyone!) can now get a FREE Atlantis Captain costume from the Poptropica store.

atlCpt Mission Atlantis: Out of the Blue Now Available to Members!


PoptropiCon Island Coming to Poptropica!

July 26, 2014

poptropiCon PoptropiCon Island Coming to Poptropica!

 Woo-hoo! The Comic Con island that’s been teased in the Daily Pop finally has a name and a logo (and a pretty good one, I might add!). The real Comic Con is already running in San Diego right now, so I guess the Creators thought that now would be the best time to make the big announcement.

 I can’t wait for Poptropicon Island to be released. This will be the first time in Poptropica’s history that you’ll be able to smash through walls with Thor’s hammer while dressed in cheap wizard cosplay, and that’s definitely something to be excited about:

hammerTime PoptropiCon Island Coming to Poptropica!