Nine Years? Already?!?

This month marks a historical milestone in Poptropican history: the virtual world explored by millions has officially turned nine years old! Nine years! Can you believe it? When the next president is inaugurated in January, Poptropica will have existed in three different presidencies! But this month isn’t just a time to reflect on how fast the time goes; it’s also a time to grab some free prizes at the Poptropica store! This year’s celebration is cat-themed (Nine lives? Get it? Probably has nothing to do with the movie though…), so for a limited time, you can get a free cat on a hat to go with your free 9th birthday balloon.


2016 has been a pretty rough year for Poptropica (and especially this blog); it’s the only year in Poptropica’s history in which not a single full-length island quest has been released (I’m not counting Monkey Wrench because that was more of a mini-quest). Here’s hoping that the long-awaited “New Poptropica” is going to be worth all these months of speculation and thumb-twiddling.

The Saga Continues

When we last saw Oliver, Mya, and Jorge, they were sailing away from a Viking island with a magical map in hand and a villainous explorer hot on their trail. Now, their adventures continue in book 2 of the Poptropica saga: The Lost Expedition!

 Written by resident island designer Mitch Krpata (wait, do you pronounce that as Ker-pata or Kra-pata?), The Lost Expedition finds our heroes on the run from a mysterious organization bent on kicking them out of Poptropica. To celebrate its release, seven free gold cards have been released in the Poptropica store: Secret Society Trooper, Navy Captain, Stun Baton, Loon’s Head Cane, Shakespeare in Love, Amazonian Woman, and the White Out power.


Speaking of new book releases, the next Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, Double Down, will be released on November 1.

Pete’s Nine Dragon Lives

It’s been a long time since Poptropica has had a quest ad; these days, most ads on Main Street are just videos you can watch to get a prize. Right now, though, you can play two new ad games for a total of four free prizes. One is for the upcoming movie Nine Lives, out this Friday:

..and the other is for Disney’s Pete’s Dragon, premiering next week.

Both of them are simple racing games, but still, it’s a step in the right direction for Poptropica. Are you planning on going to see any of these movies?

Poptropica’s fan art contest is entering its second month, and there have been a lot of incredible entries so far. It’s amazing to see how much artistic talent these players have! You can check out all of the entries at #PoptropicaArt. If you have a knack for drawing and wouldn’t mind six months of free membership, make sure to post your entry before September 5.

Exploring the Store and More

Hi, guys! Sorry that I haven’t updated this blog in a long time; I could give a whole bunch of excuses, but instead I’ll just dive right in and see what I’ve missed over the past three months.

Looks like there’s a new feature on the home island: a prize wheel! Wonder what the Grand Prize is? Better spend some of these credits in the Poptropica store…

WHAT?!? 275 credits for a costume? Well, that explains the prize wheel then! Who in their right mind would be so cash-grabby as to nearly quadruple the price of costumes?

Not every costume is exactly 275 credits; the bronze cards on top range from 200 to 500. Still, this spike in prices is going to put a strain on a lot of Poptropicans’ wallets. I’m glad I bought most of the outfits I wanted when I had the chance.

It’s not a total loss, though; some of the limited-time-only bronze card costumes, like the Skullduggery Pirate and the Midnight Red Ninja, haven’t been available on Poptropica in years, so it’s nice to see them make a comeback. If those superhero and pirate costumes don’t look familiar, that’s because they used to only be available if you bought a pack of 3-inch figures. If you want them, get them quick, because they’ll be replaced by an all-new roster of rare costumes a month from now.

Looking through the store, it looks like they haven’t just raised prices – they also removed a lot of items altogether! Most of the food costumes are gone, as are the Earth Day and Legendary Swords miniquests. What do you think could account for all of these major changes? Could it have something to do with the “all-new” Poptropica that’s supposed to come out later this year?


Wimpy Kid Islands Now Available to Everyone!

This month marks the ninth anniversary of the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book (boy do I feel old…), so, for the month of April, both Wimpy Wonderland and Wimpy Boardwalk will be available to everyone, not just members! Would’ve been nice of the Creators to do this before the month was already half over, but you take what you get…