New Prize on the Way!

The Dr. Hare CUUSOO Project already has over 7,000 votes… and it’s on the verge of reaching the 3/4 milestone. Once it surpasses 7,500 votes, everyone will receive the Dr. Hare Ears Power.

If you’re one of those people who’s jealous of Dr. Hare and his fluffy pink ears (admit it, we all are), this card will enable you to give Dr. Hare ears and goggles to everybody in the surrounding area.

Let’s see… so far we have already gotten a costume (Big Carrot), a handheld item (Deluxe Balloons), and a power (Dr. Hare Ears). I sense that a follower will be coming next when the project finally reaches 10,000 votes. It would be nice to have a miniature Dr. Hare following you around wherever you go.

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