Even though Great Pumpkin Island wasn’t all that special, it ushered in a new age to Poptropica. We had a new map, screen layout, the Daily Pop, and the first ever island previews. Shrink Ray Island brought something special for us non-members: we could play through a limited portion of the island during the early access period. S.O.S. Island relieved us of our false sense of security by giving members bonus quests and gear packs.

You may be wondering what all of this has to do with what’s going on in Poptropica right now. Well, the Creators have promised that Virus Hunter Island is going to be another milestone that will bring incredible new features to Poptropica that have never been seen before. After over two months of waiting, VHI will be released… soon (they also said that on June 6). It’s probably taken so long because they are working out the kinks with the new sound system; it will most likely come out when Carrotene Island Beta closes.

And for you members out there, you can live down the wait by playing the incredibly violent Nano-Combat Training (with sound) now available in the Poptropica store.

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