My latest (and hopefully last) hiatus from blogging is finally over, so now I can finally get back on my feet and recap everything I’ve missed over the past month.

First off: IF YOU CAN, GET ON POPTROPICA RIGHT NOW. Head for the nearest Main Street and go to one of the ads on the far right like this one:

 Watch the video and collect the Poptropica App Tablet. This is a LIMITED TIME ONLY item, so once it’s gone, it’ll be gone forever. My internet connection has been really slow lately so I can’t access Poptropica myself, so all I can do right now is spread the word.

Second: For a long time, the sneak peeks in the Daily Pop have been hinting at an island with an underwater theme. Now we now that the island is called ‘Mission Atlantis’ and that the first episode will be released to members on March 17 (next Thursday), the same date that Survival: Crash Landing will be available to everyone.

 Something doesn’t seem right here… why are they releasing the first episode of Mission Atlantis when they haven’t yet released the next episode of Survival? Shouldn’t they finish one story before they move on to the next one?

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