Show Your Disney Side!

There’s a fun new ad on Poptropica for Disney XD’s ‘Animacation’. There are three different games you can play, and once you play all of them, you get a grand prize.

In Mabel’s Water Race, you play a carnival-style water-squirting game like the one on Wimpy Boardwalk.

In the Fun House, you have to make your way through a fun house full of obstacles like swinging tacos and falling watermelons (you know, usual carnival stuff) before the time runs out.


In the 7D Mines (based on a new show starring the seven dwarves fromĀ Snow White), you have to make your way through a cavern and find all of the dwarves before time runs out. So yeah, it’s basically just like the Fun House, but with more lava and dwarves.

All of the prizes are pretty good, so I think this ad is one worth doing, despite all of its wackiness.

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