24 Carrot

1) When you arrive in 24 Carrot Island, go left to the Carrot Farm and enter the farmhouse through the chimney. Pick up the empty bowl and then go back to Main Street. Ask the waitress in Carrot King Diner to fill your bowl with milk.

2) Go back into the farmhouse and put the bowl on the floor. Climb upstairs and turn on the shower. Whiskers the cat will jump out, and you will need to chase him to the bowl of milk. Lead Whiskers to Charlie’s Surplus on Main Street. Charlie will give you a crowbar in her gratitude.

3) Go right to the factory and jump your way to the right side of the factory. On your way, pick up the factory blueprint tucked inside a window. When you reach the far right, click on the sewer hole to pry it open.

4) Now you are at what I think is the hardest part of the island. Go left (picking up the Carrot Transporter along the way) and up. You will have to cross the four platforms before they drop out from underneath you. Take frequent breaks between crossings, and don’t get discouraged! Jump over the rat in the next tunnel and continue up.

5) Move the buttons on the master engine so that they look like this:

Jump over the crates and barrels (moving from the right up to the left) until you get to the highest platform, where you can jump onto the claw. Ride it right to the open vent tunnel.

6) Now you are in the vent system. With the blueprint as your guide, navigate your way to the processing room (You will pick up the wire cutters when you get close). If you go down, you will immediately be caught by a rabbot drone and teleported to the freezer room. Don’t worry, this is supposed to happen. Use the wire cutters to clip all of the wires in the security system, then jump up to the vent opening.

7) When you go back to the processing room, the security system will be turned off. Free the bunny drones by turning off their drone ears. When you try to go through the exit door, the floor will drop out from underneath you, revealing the smelting room. While walking right on the conveyor belt, you must avoid the crushers and sprays of carrot juice. Collect the drone ears at the end and exit.

8 ) Put on the drone ears and go into the rabbot room. Dr. Hare will command you to initiate the launch sequence.

Jump up the Rabbot and onto the computer platform. Free the boy and click on the computer. The password is “fuzzybunny” and the command is “launch rabbot” – type the words with your keyboard. Now you can guide the Rabbot through space with the joystick. Crash it into as many asteroid as you can so that the Rabbot is destroyed.

9) Follow the boy up the rope to Main Street, and the mayor will congratulate you and give you the island medallion.


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