Our worst fears have been confirmed! Poptropolis Games is sinking back into the sea!


JANUARY 18, 2013 – Mews Foundation seismologists have confirmed the unthinkable: Poptropolis Games is on the verge of sinking back into the ocean. As the Island’s shaking intensifies, it seems clear that it will slip entirely beneath the surface of the Poptropica Sea by January 24. “We’re doing our best to accommodate as many athletes as possible before we sink,” said the Games’ master of ceremonies. “Be we recommend anyone who wants to compete does so as soon as possible. Who knows if the Games will ever rise again?”


We’re five days away from the Poptropalypse! I have done some calculations, and supposedly, if one island were to generate enough seismic activity to implode in on itself, it would create a massive shockwave capable of disintegrating the structural foundations of all surrounding islands, effectively causing a chain reaction that would bring Poptropica to an end.

To sum it all up: WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!

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