Announcing the Two Most Wonderful Pieces of News in Poptropica History!

First of all, Mocktropica is now available to everyone. That isn’t one of the two most wonderful pieces of news I mentioned in the title, but I thought I should probably mention it.


It’s official! After years of waiting, Monster Carnival Island will finally be released! For those who don’t know, Monster Carnival was supposed to be Poptropica’s fourth island, but it was wiped off the map and replaced with 24 Carrot before it came out.

The trailer doesn’t really tell us much, but keep checking back for news updates and release dates!


Ever since I started playing Poptropica, I’ve wanted to make my own island. Not just write the story, like in the Be A Poptropica Creator contest, but actually build it from scratch. The newly-released Poptropica Labs allows you to move around in an environment where you can place down different objects and change the landscape. It’s still a far cry from actually building an entire island, but that might come around in the not-too-far future.

There’s one catch, though: it’s only available to members. (Cue depressing music)



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