Back Lot

1) Once you arrive on Back Lot Island, a trio of reporters will think that you’re a celebrity and start taking pictures of you.

2) Yeesh. Anyway, walk into the One-of-a-Kind Talent Agency and talk to the woman at the desk. Exit and go right to Sunrise Street, where you’ll find famous director Carson Willis’s footprints on the walk of fame. Continue right and you’ll find Harvey Scoops, the notorious Hollywood paparazzi blogger. He’ll give you a telephoto camera to take pictures for his blog.

Cool Glitch: Click on the ticket vendor at the Chinese Theater so that 3 speech balloons pop up. Click on the door and you’ll say “There’s nothing worth seeing”, but the speech balloons will stay there. Click on one of them before you stop talking, and the vendor will ask the question herself!

3) Go back to Main Street and talk to the aging photographer on the left side of the street. He’ll give you a roll of camera film to put in the camera. Return to Sunrise Street and climb the greenish-blue building until you reach the ledge at the top right. Use the camera to scan around until you find a Spielberg-ish man walking around. Right then, an earthquake will knock the ledge you are standing on into the studio grounds.

Studio 1

4) You’ll wake up in a scene straight out of  “The Wizard of Oz”. Go right and talk to the assistant director, then go inside and interrupt a scene that’s being filmed. Go back outside, talk to the assistant director again, and she’ll let you use the back lot golf cart.

5) Ride the golf cart to the studio lot directly southeast of Studio #1 (you won’t have to drive very far). Kirk Strayer will order you to get him a Half-Caf Leviathan Latte-Espresso. To do this, you’ll need to visit both coffee shops on Main Street. At the one on the right, order a full infant espresso. At the one on the left, order a decaf infant latte.

6) Go back to Kirk’s trailer and use one of the coffee cups. Pour them both into the large cup and serve it to Mr. Cynical Kirk Strayer.

7) Go back to Studio 1, where you’ll find the cameraman quitting for the day due to “union rules”. As usual, you have to save the day by using your mad camera skills to keep Kirk the Jerk at the center of the frame at all times. It usually takes more than one try to get the hang of it, so don’t get discouraged!

Studio 2

8) Studio #2 is at the top right corner of the back lot. Inside, the assistant director will tell you to find Goldie, the screenwriter, who just happens to be sitting on top of Studio #1. Just as you’re about to collect the script, the wind blows it away (first earthquakes, now this… it’s as if everybody’s trying to make your life harder).

1st page: Antennae on souvenir building.

2nd page: Top of Chinese Theater. To reach it, you’ll have to jump on the roof’s outcropping until you’re high enough to grab it.

3rd page: Queequeg’s Coffeehouse Sign (right)

4th page: Celebrity Wax Museum roof

Now that you’ve collected the screenplay pages, you’ll need to put them in order by dragging the numbered stickers onto their corresponding pages. This should be relatively easy.

10) Back at Studio 2, you’ll be sent off to find an actress who looks like Lacey Williams, after being given an Actress Headshot for reference. Go to the Talent Agency and show the photograph to the woman at the desk, who will reveal herself to be the real Lacey Williams.

11) You will have to play the part of the navigator. Get dressed at the top left corner of the studio. When it’s your turn to speak, choose the speech balloon that coincides with the script. (In order: But-; Offer her a compass; Safe journeys! I’ll never forget you!; Nooooo!)

Studio 3

12) Studio #3 is just southwest of Kirk’s trailer. Inside, you’ll have to use scraps of wood to put a wooden train prop together. Refer to the pictures below if you get stuck.

13) After the train is finished, grab the white and black cowboy hats from above the exit door. Give the black hat to Willy Bingleman at Queequeg’s Coffeehouse and the white hat to Larry MoCap (the motion capture guy) at Digital Dreamscapes.

14) You will now have to be the special effects coordinator. Click on the buttons according to the assistant director’s instructions.

Studio 4

15) Studio #4 is at the bottom right corner of the back lot. Inside, Joe Hotshot Kirk Strayer will protest against putting on a monkey suit, and you’ll have to step in and save the day with your mad, er, monkey suit skills.

16)Jump from building to building, collecting all of the green balloons on your way to the top. Jump on the cannons to destroy them, but stay away from the soldiers. At the top,  jump around and fight the planes until you fall.


17) The post-production building is  located left of Studio #4. In the film editing room, you’ll have to cut out the frame of film that doesn’t fit with the rest of the scene. To do this, click on the razor and drag its bottom left point along the edges of the film.

Scene 1: Outlaw has banana in pocket

Scene 2: Boom mike showing

Scene 3: Animatronic’s wires exposed

18) In the sound editing room, click on the materials to begin. When the red symbol shows up, click on one of the items. Here’s the order:

Scene 1: Bag, foil, balloon, cup

Scene 2: Shaving cream, plates, bear, ghost

Scene 3: Demon, coconuts, brushes and whistle, meat

Scene 4: Fan, box, gorilla, bottle

19) Take the film reels from Carson Willis and bring them to the Chinese Theater. Talk to the assistant director and enter the theater. Jump onto the stage and across the critics’ box seats to reach the projector. Insert the film reels and enjoy the show!

20) After the film ends, go outside and listen to the critics raving. Apparently they really liked it. The assistant director will tell you why Carson’s career went off the rails, and then she’ll give you the medallion. Congratulations! You’ve completed Back Lot Island!

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