Comic Con Coming to Poptropica!

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Daily Pop lately, you’ve missed a lot of cool stuff. Over at the Sneak Peeks section, it appears that a Comic Con-themed island is in the works! For those who don’t know, Comic Con is an event that takes place every July in San Diego, and it’s a place for comic book artists, television show producers, and even toy manufacturers to showcase and exhibit their latest works. It attracts about 130,000 visitors every year. So yeah, it’s pretty popular.

What can we expect from an island that’s based on the biggest geek event of all time? Well, besides all of the cheeky references to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings that we’ll obviously be seeing (recent islands like Night Watch have had a lot of parodies and references in them), we lucky players are going to be treated to…

Convention centers! Note the sawed-in-half ‘Convention Center’ sign at the bottom of the picture.

Cosplay! Many visitors attend Comic Con dressed as their favorite comic or movie character.

Steampunk cosplay! That’s a division of cosplay where people dress in a blend of Victorian-era clothing and futuristic gadgetry.

Viking cosplay! That’s exactly what it sound like.

Insanely long waiting lines to the restroom! We’re talking about 130,000 visitors a year here.

Are you excited about Comic Con Island? I know I am!


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