Escape from Pelican Rock Coming Soon!

Timmy Failure Island has already been out for a month now, so the next island quest should be right around the corner. We already have a name for it – Escape from Pelican Rock – and know that it’s going to be about breaking out of an Alcatraz-esque island prison. Prisons have been featured on Poptropica before, but having an entire island based around a prison break seems a little … dark. Especially when it involves making license plates on an assembly line (a common job for prisoners)…

Wee, what fun!

… following a rigorous prison schedule…

Thus making this the first island where you get to eat lunch.

…and evading police…

It’s like Grand Theft Auto meets Tetris.

… wait, is that the Golden Gate Bridge in the background? This island is definitely Alcatraz.

Except this place looks a lot less smoggy than the real San Francisco.

I love escape films, so I’m definitely excited for this island, even if the plot seems a little mature for Poptropica. This picture makes it look like you’re going to be escaping together with some other prisoners:

Stuck in a lifeboat with a pair of convicts! Nothing could go wrong!


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