Get 5 Free Credits! And a Sheep Costume!

¬†Each weekday for this week and the next, the Creators will be giving away free credits and prizes, which you can get by typing the Daily Code in the promo box at the bottom of your home page. Each code is released online at noon eastern time and only valid for 24 hours. Today’s code is HIGH5, which, when entered, will earn you a whopping 5 credits. For anyone who’s counting, that’ll buy you 1/15 of a costume or 1/50 of a gold card. Hopefully tomorrow’s prize will be a little less frugal.

¬†There’s a new ad on Main Street for the upcoming claymation movie Shaun the Sheep. It’s a common room inside, so there isn’t any quest, but you can costumize two sheep costumes and get two free items: a Sheep Belch and a Woolly Blow.


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