Happy Birthday, Poptropica!

Poptropica has been celebrating its birthday for about a week now, but since I only just found the special edition birthday suit in the common rooms, I thought I would finally bring it up.

Can you believe that Poptropica is now seven years old? That means that some of its current players weren’t even born when it was released! A lot has changed since Early Poptropica came out in 2007, especially in this past year, with the introduction of sound-updated islands and island episodes.

You can celebrate by grabbing the FREE 7th birthday balloon in the store, but there’s another prize lurking around Poptropica for those who can find it. If you go to a common room and find a blue balloon with the number 7 on it (seen below in the picture), you’ll win the exclusive Poptropica’s 7th Birthday Outfit. Once the birthday celebration ends, it’ll be gone forever, so start searching!

P.S. Recently, the Creators posted a cryptic message on their blog:

…to make things a little easier, we’ll be adding a brand-new common room to Poptropica very soon!

 What does that mean? Are they adding a common room to an existing island? Is it going to be a store item? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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