Happy Birthday, Poptropica!

Poptropica has officially kicked off it’s 8th birthday celebration! To start off, a World Champions Map for Early Poptropica has been opened to everyone. First time players who finish the island will also get 200 free credits.

If you visit any common room and click on the special “8” balloon (don’t worry, it’s easy to find)…

..you’ll win the 8-bit Birthday Pixel Pig Power prize!

Instead of the usual cake costume, this prize turns you into a playfully perky prancing pixelated pig with positively prodigious pastry-projecting power. In other words, when you press the spacebar, you throw a plate of birthday cake that turns anyone who gets hit into another jumping pig (Poptropica has never been famous for its logic).

The best part about this item is that it’s actually a permanent costume, so you can wear it even when travelling between islands. So if you have it on while using the flight power on Super Power Island or the jet-pack on Early Poptropica…

..PIGS FLY! (Yes, I went there)

The 8th Poptropica birthday celebration won’t last long, so get your pixelated Poptropican pig prize while you still can!


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