Happy Birthday, Poptropica!

Six years ago, the folks at Pearson Education released a game on the internet called Poptropica. It was made up of a single “island” that took about fifteen minutes to complete, but even then, people knew that it was something special. The invigorating story, easy controls, and nifty characters helped it grow in popularity, and not long after, a second island was released. Now, with 35 islands and countless updates and improvements, Poptropica has become one of the most popular virtual worlds on the web. This month, we celebrate 6 years of superheroes, spies, pirates, cryptids, moon missions, chocolate factories, and even a giant robot bunny. All Poptropicans can join in the celebration by grabbing a free 6th birthday balloon from the store.

If you find a blue balloon with a “6” on it in a common room, pop it and you will receive this flashing cake costume and hat.

P.S. That ship behind me (apparently called the “Panacea”) is a follower that members can pick up on Virus Hunter Island’s Main Street this week. This is the last free item, so get it while you can!

P.P.S. The Virus Hunter Bonus Quest (where you save a sick dog from heartworms) will be available on 9/26, when the island will be available to non-members.

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