It’s Over 9000!

While it was holding the number 1 spot, the Dr. Hare’s Lair CUUSOO Project was blown into the dust by the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Project, which made its way to the top six most supported projects and passed on to the review stage. Meanwhile, LEGO Poptropica is still a yet to be realized dream, needing more than 600 votes to reach the 10,000 vote benchmark.

You may be saying, where’s my motivation? Why should I put in my vote, or ask someone else to put in a vote for me? I don’t even like LEGO! Well, first of all, if you said that, you may want to go see a doctor (I mean, who doesn’t like LEGO?) But whether or not you’ve seen a doctor recently, when Dr. Hare’s Lair reaches 10,000 votes, you’ll be able to become one (Dr. Hare, specifically).

Wow. That looks so much better than the usual pink outfit. You even get a carrot transporter/carrot ray gun/carrot whatchamacallit to go along with it. But if you want to stroll around Poptropica in Dr. Hare style, you’ll first have to put in your vote and bring Dr. Hare’s Lair into the review stage.

P.S. If this project makes it before August ends (in two weeks!), it will qualify for the summer review, and I think it will easily beat the other CUUSOO projects.


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