Join the Night Watch

I have been really busy lately due to schoolwork and vacation, but now I can finally get down to business. First off: Night Watch Island is available for members!

Non-members get to play a limited demo that ends when you are about to investigate a disturbance at the Macguffin store. You should play it; it’s really funny and cool!

¬†On Night Watch Island, you will have to endure mind-numbing situations that will test your limits to the fullest extent. Such as waiting in line for hours to buy this dumb gadget that everybody says is “the next big thing”.

Or maybe you’ll have to test your mettle against a terrifying bucking bronco known as… the Lone Pickle?!

Wait a minute. Take a closer look at that picture. Is that a Black Flags hat? Could it be that tribal merchandise will be released in the Poptropica Store sometime in the future?

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