Journey to the Forgotten Islands

Now you can experience a whole new level of Poptropica on your iPhone or iPad! Introducing…


Here’s what the description in the iTunes store says:

Climb aboard your almighty blimp and explore the vast, uncharted island chains of Poptropica. Steer clear of hazards and discover exotic islands beneath the clouds.

Take to the islands and embark on quests, discovering the secrets of Poptropica’s past one artifact at a time. It’s up to you to uncover the truth and prevent a shadowy force from destroying this precious history forever!

• A never-before-seen Poptropica experience built from the ground up for iPhone and iPad
• Up to 10 hours of kid-friendly adventure gameplay
• Over 80 characters to interact with
• Customize your character with over 100 unlockable costumes and accessories
• Unlock blimp parts to reach new areas (no in-app purchases required)
• New lore revealing the unexplained origins of Poptropica.
• All new touchscreen mini-events: dig for secrets, combine items, and mix potions with taps and swipes


There’s more information in this video:


So, from the looks of it, this looks like it could even be bigger that Virus Hunter Island. And we didn’t have to wait for three months to get it! It will be interesting to go behind the scenes to reveal the “unexplained origins of Poptropica”. I had always thought that each island rose out of the sea one by one, but I may be wrong. And what’s all this about new blimp upgrades?

Up above are a few of the upgrades you can unlock, including a cannon that blasts apart rocks. On the rights is the closet/store where you can buy all sorts of costumes and items. Do think that non-members will finally be able to get the Midnight Red Ninja?


This picture may look rather ordinary (besides the giant skeleton), but if you look to the left, you can see one of the statues from Poptropolis Games! Do you think it will soon rise from the sea again?

Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is available now for the iPhone and iPad.

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