Lil’ Evil Genius

As you may have noticed, I’ve been making some big changes to the Poptropica Press. I just changed the theme, and a new domain name will be coming up somewhere in the near future.

Now that the Dr. Hare’s Lair Project has hit the 6,000-vote milestone, we now have access to a new wallpaper:

Aaaaaaaawwwwww. Doctor Hare looked so cute when he was a baby. Look, he’s building a little mind-controlling Rabbot out of blocks. Anyway, all of the wallpaper dimensions are available here.

Now that we are in sight of the finish line, we need to bring this project into review as quickly as possible. So now, we need a new strategy: TELL YOUR PARENTS. Even if you’re not old enough to vote, ask someone who’s over 13 to put in the vote for you. And if you already have voted, you should still spread the word. If everyone who has voted spreads the word to at least one other parent/guardian/friend/pet rabbit, we’ll have more than enough votes.

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