More Secrets Revealed…

A few days ago, we learned that Monster Carnival Island will be released after spending five years as the most mysterious secret in Poptropica history. Now we finally have more details on the island and its bonus quest.

In the dead of night, a caravan rumbles into town. The traveling carnival has returned! But this is no day at the park. Behind the lights and the laughter, the carnival harbors a dark secret. Buy a ticket if you dare, but beware — once you enter, you may never be able to escape the Monster Carnival!

Bonus Quest

The town is safe, but now a prominent citizen is missing. Has the monster carnival claimed another victim, or is something else behind his disappearance?


From the pictures on the info page, we can see that the carnival will include a Ferris Wheel, a Tunnel of Love, a dark forest, an ice cream parlor and ‘Ringmaster Raven’s Circus of the Bizarre’.


Members will also get a gear pack that includes the Ringmaster Costume, Raven Swarm Power, and Hypno-Powder.


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