More Timmy Failure News, and an Upcoming Birthday!

Timmy Failure Island will be released next week on Thursday, September 17, but there’s still some new stuff on Poptropica to keep you occupied until then. If you type LOSTPANTS into the promo box on your home page, you’ll get 75 free credits. If you’re wondering how to spend those credits, there’s a new Timmy Failure scarf in the Poptropica store that conveniently costs that exact amount.

┬áIt’s September, so Poptropica is going to hold its 8th annual birthday celebration starting next week. Eight years! Can you believe it? If you’ve played it since the beginning, you’re old enough to remember this character…

… who looks like he’s going to be joining the festivities as well! Tune in next week for more information!

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