Nine Years? Already?!?

This month marks a historical milestone in Poptropican history: the virtual world explored by millions has officially turned nine years old! Nine years! Can you believe it? When the next president is inaugurated in January, Poptropica will have existed in three different presidencies! But this month isn’t just a time to reflect on how fast the time goes; it’s also a time to grab some free prizes at the Poptropica store! This year’s┬ácelebration is cat-themed (Nine lives? Get it? Probably has nothing to do with the movie though…), so for a limited time, you can get a free cat on a hat to go with your free 9th birthday balloon.


2016 has been a pretty rough year for Poptropica (and especially this blog); it’s the only year in Poptropica’s history in which not a single full-length island quest has been released (I’m not counting Monkey Wrench because that was more of a mini-quest). Here’s hoping that the long-awaited “New Poptropica” is going to be worth all these months of speculation and thumb-twiddling.

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