Red Dragon Island Now Available to Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who voted to put Red Dragon Island back on the map! But wait a minute…

 Aargh! I tried to play Red Dragon Island today and they still wouldn’t let me complete it! When is this members-only nightmare finally going to be over?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today, all over the world, people are gathering to celebrate their Irish heritage, whether or not they’re actually Irish.  Right now, you can get a free Leprechaun costume at the Poptropica store. And if you go to Mythology Island, you’ll automatically receive a free Leprechaun follower.

And don’t forget to stop by your local common room to vote for the members-only island that gets opened to the public. I’m voting for Red Dragon Island – how about you?

Vote for the Members-only island you want to open to everyone on Poptropica.

Update: If you check out the island map, you’ll notice that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island doesn’t have a “Play the Demo” sign on it anymore! Does that mean it’s open to everyone now?


Black Friday Has Come to Poptropica!

Last Thursday night, you either went out to take advantage of the latest Black Friday sales and nearly got trampled by a mob of raging shoppers, or you stayed home like me and ate leftover turkey. Even if you didn’t make it to any in-store sales, you can still enjoy some great deals this weekend at the Poptropica store. From now until Monday noon EST, ten costumes will be marked from the usual 75 credits down to only 10 credits! The costumes included in this discount are:

  • Dark Astro Knight
  • Sky Hawk Warrior
  • Prom King/Queen
  • Disco King/Queen
  • Midnight Ninja
  • Templar Knight
  • Space Sentry
  • Swan Ballerina (girls only)

 This offer won’t last long, so get on Poptropica and start buying!