More Timmy Failure News, and an Upcoming Birthday!

Timmy Failure Island will be released next week on Thursday, September 17, but there’s still some new stuff on Poptropica to keep you occupied until then. If you type LOSTPANTS into the promo box on your home page, you’ll get 75 free credits. If you’re wondering how to spend those credits, there’s a new Timmy Failure scarf in the Poptropica store that conveniently costs that exact amount.

 It’s September, so Poptropica is going to hold its 8th annual birthday celebration starting next week. Eight years! Can you believe it? If you’ve played it since the beginning, you’re old enough to remember this character…

… who looks like he’s going to be joining the festivities as well! Tune in next week for more information!

Visit the Timmy Failure Island Common Room!

Timmy Failure Island won’t be out for three more weeks, but you can already visit the common room – Maury’s Museum of World Records – over on Main Street.

 This sneak peek seems to be taken straight out of the final scene in the first Timmy Failure novel, so we may expect the island to loosely follow the plot of the books:

This next sketch looks like concept art from Poptropica’s next graphic novel. The first one, which you can read here, will be available in bookstores next spring.

More Free Stuff You Can Get in Poptropica Right Now for Free

Welcome to the next installment of “Free Stuff You Can Get in Poptropica Right Now for Free”. From now until next Thursday, you can get a free polar bear costume by clicking on Timmy Failure over on Timmy Failure Island.

Right now, you can get the Shrink Ray for FREE from the Poptropica Store (along with the Biome Hats, Neon Wiener craft and F.R.E.D. Follower).

These next two costumes have been hidden on Poptropica for a long time, but you might not have heard of them. On Early Poptropica, go left to Poptropica Towers, jump up the green building, and click on the window pane above and to the left of the orange flowerpot in the middle. You’ll receive the Hynotic Costume:

On Time Tangled Island, go to the Vikings age and put on your glider (you get in in Da Vinci’s workshop after giving him his notebook). Jump up the cliff side to the cave and walk all the way to the right of the ledge. Jump up and to the right as far as you can, and you’ll land on a high pedestal of rock. To your right will be the Viking Costume:

Come back soon for more Free Stuff You Can Get in Poptropica Right Now for Free!

Set Sail for Home Island!

If you log onto Poptropica today, you’ll spot a new feature on the island map: the Home Island!

 On the Home Island, you can play through a game tutorial, complete a fetch quest, create costumes, and listen to a barber tell bad jokes. Previously, the Home Island has only been available on the Poptropica app, but now, everyone can enjoy it!

Timmy Failure Island is Under Construction!

Right now, everyone can visit a sneak preview of Timmy Failure Island Main Street on your island map before its early access release on September 17. Every Thursday until then, you can say hi to Timmy and he’ll give you a free prize code. This week, the code is TIMMY. Type it in on your home page to earn 50 credits.


Get 5 Free Credits! And a Sheep Costume!

 Each weekday for this week and the next, the Creators will be giving away free credits and prizes, which you can get by typing the Daily Code in the promo box at the bottom of your home page. Each code is released online at noon eastern time and only valid for 24 hours. Today’s code is HIGH5, which, when entered, will earn you a whopping 5 credits. For anyone who’s counting, that’ll buy you 1/15 of a costume or 1/50 of a gold card. Hopefully tomorrow’s prize will be a little less frugal.

 There’s a new ad on Main Street for the upcoming claymation movie Shaun the Sheep. It’s a common room inside, so there isn’t any quest, but you can costumize two sheep costumes and get two free items: a Sheep Belch and a Woolly Blow.