Pandemic Panic! Parto Finale

Summer vacation is coming to a close, so we’ll wrap it up with this final comic.


1) Dr. Lange and her fellow explorers search the forests of Canada for a dangerous beast.

2) The dangerous beast turns out to be a duck.

3) Dr. Lange takes a virus sample and abandons it out in the open to go drink maple syrup smoothies.

4) A tourist in a blue bodysuit mistakes the virus sample for jam; Dr. Lange wakes up from a maple syrup hangover to find it gone.

5) Apparently, Canadian french fries are called poutine.

6) Overused cliffhanger ending where the main character screams “IT’S ALL OVER!” while geese fly ominously in the distance.

I wonder who’s bought the movie deal to this story? Anyway, if you want the downloadable version of the entire Pandemic Panic comic, go to this link.


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