Pete’s Nine Dragon Lives

It’s been a long time since Poptropica has had a quest ad; these days, most ads on Main Street are just videos you can watch to get a prize. Right now, though, you can play two new ad games for a total of four free prizes. One is for the upcoming movie Nine Lives, out this Friday:

..and the other is for Disney’s Pete’s Dragon, premiering next week.

Both of them are simple racing games, but still, it’s a step in the right direction for Poptropica. Are you planning on going to see any of these movies?

Poptropica’s fan art contest is entering its second month, and there have been a lot of incredible entries so far. It’s amazing to see how much artistic talent these players have! You can check out all of the entries at #PoptropicaArt. If you have a knack for drawing and wouldn’t mind six months of free membership, make sure to post your entry before September 5.

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