Poptropica Awards! Part 2

For the three months between Virus Hunter’s announcement and its release, the Creators spent a lot of time blogging about how it would be the biggest and best island yet. Then the long wait was over, and the island turned out to be … good. I’ll give it that. It was a fun island with cool designs and great dialogue. But I don’t think for a second that it is Poptropica’s “best” (for me, that award probably goes to Mythology or Super Villain). Still, I liked it, even if it fell a little bit short of expectations.

Does this count as an island since it’s technically a re-release? Some new content was added and it even got its own trailer so I’m going to say yes. I really don’t have much to say about it besides this: it’s a great concept and I love the games (especially the two new ones), but I wish there was more story to it.

Mocktropica is like no island that ever came before… in this quest, you have to save Poptropica itself from rogue game designers! It’s nice to know that Poptropica isn’t afraid to make fun of itself at times. Still, considering how much of a breakthrough this island is, it’s hard to believe that it consists of so little: there’s a mountain, a school, a cheese factory, and that’s about it. Compared to the visuals of other islands of late, it kind of falls flat at times.


Come back next week for when the awards are presented!


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