Poptropica Awards – The Winners!

Here are all of the islands released in 2013, from worst to best, along with their respective awards. Keep in mind that these are all just my opinions, so don’t take any offense if your favorite island ends up getting a lame award.

6. Night Watch Island- Best “Extras” (costumes, etc.). From the Angry Birds-style cell phone app to the hat booth, this island is chock-full of fun things to do while you’re bored (which comes in handy in a quest like this).

5. Poptropolis Games- Best Minigames. It may be unfair considering that this island consists completely of minigames, but I like them anyway.

4. Mocktropica- Best Script. The dialogue in this quest is really witty and silly, so it might also count as the funniest island.

3. Virus Hunter Island– Funnest Island. I may get some criticism for the grammatically incorrect name, but that’s the best way to describe this island – it’s fun, entertaining, and thoroughly satisfactory.

2. Zomberry Island- Best Design. The graphic designers really did a good job setting the mood for this island. It looks both quirky and creepy at the same time, perfectly capturing the essence of the entire zombie genre. With everything shrouded in darkness, you never know what’ll happen at every turn.

1. Back Lot Island- Best Island. After my glowing review of Back Lot Island earlier, you could probably already guess that this was going to take the number one spot. It’s chock full of references to famous films and has a spectacular ending where everything you’ve accomplished in the quest is boiled down into one movie screening. I’ll just sum it up with this quote:

  Thanks for reading the 2014 Poptropica Awards! Here’s to another year full of fun quests and quirky characters!



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