Poptropica is Dying!

If you thought from the melodramatic post title that Poptropica is going to be shut down, don’t worry. I only meant that the game is starting to become corrupted by greed and lose its inner soul. Poptropica has always been free for everyone to play, although players could purchase membership for extra benefits. Now, seven islands have been shut off from the rest of the public and made exclusive for members!

Here’s what the Creators have to say about this new change:

Today, Poptropica Membership is even better. A special set of 7 Islands is now available just for Members. Only Members can experience all of the amazing quests and characters on:

Which, when translated into plain English, reads:

Today, Poptropicans who don’t pay for membership are going to be denied entry into their favorite islands to pressure them into becoming Members. We just took 7 already-existing islands and turned them into a “special set” instead of taking the effort to make something new for Members. In your face, other players!

I have to say that I am seriously disappointed in the Creators. What ever happened to Jeff Kinney’s dream of creating a world where people from all corners of the globe could freely explore and learn? Of all the cashgrabs in Poptropica’s history, this has to be cashgrabbiest. At least we now know why the quest completion reward was raised to 150 credits…

If you want to liberate Poptropica and make sure it stays free for all, contact the Creators and voice your concern.

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