Poptropica’s Halloween Islands Ranked!

Halloween is in two days, and what better way to celebrate than playing Poptropica? Today I’ll be ranking the best Poptropica islands to get you in the holiday spirit.

6. Monster Carnival

Originally supposed to be Poptropica’s fourth island, Monster Carnival Island was released in 2014. When it came out, though, I was kind of disappointed; the story took too long to get going and the ending came too soon. Even if it isn’t one of the better islands, the carnival’s slow transition into madness is brilliantly done and the score is fantastic.

5. Great Pumpkin

This island might have been higher on the list if the Creators hadn’t made it members-only a few months ago (I’m still mad about that), but for those who are lucky enough to get to play it, it’s a humble but entertaining island. Maybe not one of Poptropica’s most memorable, but it still captures the atmosphere of the original cartoon pretty well.

4. Ghost Story

The plot may be a bit confusing at times (was the old lady supposed to be a ghost? I’m still not sure about that), but it still has one of the best stories of any island. Spooky and even poignant at times, this is arguably Poptropica’s most serious island, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

3. Zomberry

More silly than scary, Zomberry Island is a hilarious riff on the zombie apocalypse genre, with enough mystery and suspense to keep the plot going but still light at heart. You can read the original comic that started it all right here.

2. Vampire’s Curse

The tasks are puzzling enough to keep you thinking and the artwork practically bleeds off the screen (no pun intended) – this island is the perfect example of balancing story and design.

1. Haunted House

Sure, it may not count as an actual island, but this mini-quest has enough fun puzzles and eerie charm to make it stand out on its own. The best part is all the Halloween characters you get to costumize at the end of the quest.

Are you planning on playing any specific islands this Halloween?

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