Poptropicon: Reign of Omegon Coming Soon!

The last episode of Poptropicon, Spoiler Alert, was released last November, so many of you have probably forgotten about it by now. In case you need to jog your memory of what happened in time for the impending release of the next episode, just read the spoiler below:

At Poptropicon, the wildest geek culture convention in town, you entered a costume contest dressed as Omegon, the famous comic book villain who fights against the Mighty Action Force (a Justice League-type team of superheroes). Just as you were about to claim your prize, a transdimensional portal appeared and the real Omegon leaped out, claiming that he had come to destroy the Mighty Action Force. He started using his powers to zap everyone present, and the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

The third and final episode of Poptropicon, Reign of Omegon, is going to be released soon, hopefully this Thursday. From the picture above, it looks like Omegon has captured the Mighty Action Force and is trying to zap away their powers. Here’s the full synopsis:

Omegon has taken over PoptropiCon, and he won’t stop until he’s transformed everyone into a hench-bot. Only you can acquire the powers of the Mighty Action Force to battle Omegon and free the convention goers. Join the resistance today!

You can get up-to-date information and download some free extras on Poptropicon’s info page.

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