Popular Seagull’s Top Five Costumes

Happy Independence Day, Poptropicans! Recently, the reward for completing an island quest just got increased from 50 credits to 150 credits, which means that you’ll now have a lot more cash available to spend in the Store. There are 74 different costumes and 45 (non-members-only) gold cards up for sale, so you have plenty of choices on how to spend your hard-earned credits. Today I’ll be listing my top five favorite Store costumes, which (in my opinion) are a much better deal than Gold Cards. For this list, I’ll be excluding any members-only costumes.

5. Sharks– You can costumize Shark Boy Guy’s outfit in the museum on Shark Tooth Island, but only these costumes give you your own personal dead fish to throw around.

4.Disco King– As if a giant glowing blue afro wasn’t enough, this character will bust a move whenever you hit the spacebar.

3.Rock Star 2– This costume rocks a cool hairstyle and electric guitar in five different color designs.

2.Tie- Food Costumes– They don’t have any special actions, but these outfits are still classic favorites and quirky enough to make you stand out in a common room.

1.Earth Astro Knight– This costume has no less than three special actions: a flip-up visor, a sword, and a trail of dead leaves that float behind your character. It’s only available to boys, though; girls can buy the Heart Astro Knight, which is similar to this one but pink.



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