Red Dragon

1) When you drop off on Main Street, run all the way to the right and enter Jack and Annie’s backyard. Run over to the tree and jump on the tire swing, then push it out the backyard, down Main Street, over the rivers and through the woods until you’re right under the treehouse. Pick up Jack’s Glasses from the ground and jump onto the tire, bouncing up to the ladder, then enter the treehouse.

2) Inside, hand Jack his glasses. Congratulations, you’re all friends now! Pick up the Frog Creek Book by the entrance and the Book on Japan at the window, and then open the Japanese book. Once you reach Japan and exit the treehouse, Jack and Annie will give you a Magic Amulet and straight-up abandon you to find yourself a kimono while they go off exploring (some friends…).

3) Walk left past all the locals until you’re stopped by two vicious-looking samurai. They’ll toss you in the slammer for not having a passport, but you can just use the magic amulet to warp yourself back to the treehouse. This time once you exit, you’ll be able to enter the bonsai shop.

Ask the old woman inside for a kimono; once you put it on, you’ll get your own passport and be able to walk past the samurai who jailed you earlier.

4) You’ll arrive at the Great Bridge just to witness Jack and Annie get arrested by the Shogun (Serves them right for leaving you alone like that). Cross the bridge and enter East Edo (that’s ancient Tokyo in case you’re wondering). Pick up the rotten fish on the fortress steps and enter the fortress gates. Run right up to the cliff wall on the right, and a parchment should fall right into your lap. It looks like you’re going to have to find the Ninja Master Basho so you can rescue the friends you only met about ten minutes ago.

5) Go back down the steps and head left to West Edo. Continue left into the imperial garden, and pick up the bag of mortar lying on the river stones. Enter the river hut on the left and talk to the old man inside, and he’ll direct you back into town.

6) In East Edo, you’ll find that the samurai are trying to find out which one of the dragon puppet performers stole a fish from the market, and you’ll have to organize them based on the clues that they give you to determine who was standing at the dragon’s tail. Click on the players two at a time to switch them around, until they look like this:

(The two at the front of the line look the same, so you may have to switch them around)

The samurai will give you his betting slip and take the thief away to be brutally tortured just for stealing a fish. Still, good job! Return to the Great Bridge and walk up to the old workers standing near the top. Take out  the bag of mortar you picked up earlier; now you’ll need to repair the bridge by filling up the supporting pillars with puzzle pieces. You’ll start out with this:

And it should end up looking like this:

7) Now that the BRIDGE can support a LOT MORE weight, a sumo wrestler will cross over, making a woman drop her bonsai scissors. Pick those up and go underneath the bridge to the crazy fisherman’s boat. Give him your rotten fish, and he’ll use it as bait to catch the kappa (a mythical Japanese water creature who likes eating cucumbers and children – seriously, look it up!). To set the trap, you’ll have to cover up all of the hiding places the kappa can jump out from so it’ll be forced to jump into your net:

  • Point the beehive at the tree hollow and click to release a swarm of bees.
  • Click on the firewood to light the lantern.
  • Click on the rock on the far right to roll it over the hole in the ground.
  • Click on the frog until it jumps onto the lily pad with bubbles coming up underneath it.
  • Click on the fish when the scene looks like this:

8) Return to the bonsai shop where you got your kimono. Take out your bonsai scissors and help the old woman with her bonsai trimming. To do this, you will need to click on leaves to remove them until the tree looks exactly like the one in the picture. If you click ‘finished’ and there’s even one mistake, you’ll have to start over with another tree, so make sure to undo any trims that you make by accident. Once you’re finished, the old woman will reward you with a gift of absolutely nothing, because the people on this island are cold and heartless.

9) Now that you’ve spent the whole day going around helping random people, the doors to the sumo match in West Edo should be open (go up the steps to the top left). Go inside and talk to the yokozuna’s assistant, who needs help signing autographs. Copy the kanji step by step by clicking and dragging your pen along the grid.

After you’ve finished signing eight or nine autographs, go to the cowardly sumo  sitting in the building on the right and offer to take his place in the match.

10) The yokozuna has three modes of attack, stomping on the ground, pushing you off the stage, and slamming right into you with full force. Jump into the air every time he stomps or runs, and eventually, he’ll go red in the face and charge you at full speed. Jump over his head, and he will skid right off the stage. The samurai will arrive just on time to take you away, but luckily, you’ll be saved by the unlikeliest of people…

Yep, it’s Basho. Who’da thunk it?

11) Return to Basho’s river hut to begin your ninja training. This is where your quest switches from “Help out Random People” Island to “Finally, Ninjas!” Island. First, put on your ninja costume. Then, just follow the instructions:

  • Once you put on the costume, you will automatically be equipped with the shuko, or hand claws. Now you can climb up trees and most other vertical surfaces. Don’t stay in one place too long, though, or you’ll start slipping off. Climb up the tree on the far left and leap right to touch the red ribbon.
  • You’ll now see a blue ninja icon on the bottom left. Hover over the icon and click on any of the weapons to equip them. Equip the throwing star and, pointing your cursor to aim, press the spacebar to throw a star in any direction. Throw stars at the candle and the rope holding the rice bag to continue to the next step.
  • Smoke bombs work like throwing stars, but can only be thrown a short distance. Climb the tree on the far left, then jump onto the branch on the right and throw a smoke bomb at the dummy.
  • Bo staffs can be used in two ways. You can press spacebar while standing still to deflect flying objects, or press spacebar while running to vault (make sure not to let go of the mouse before you vault). Vault up to the blue ribbon hanging from the right tree.
  • Your grappling hook is equipped at all times. Click on a golden ring to grapple it, then click again to jump off.

12) For the final step of your training, go to Basho’s garden wall and put the stones back together. After the bridge earlier, it should be a piece of cake.

Congratulations, you’re a ninja! Go to the fortress gates and climb up the cliff wall on the right. Head right and scale your way up the mountain gap. You can only hold onto the areas marked with light grey stones, but you can also leap from side to side. You’ll also be able to climb up ropes and jump off of bare patches of grass from time to time.

Eventually you’ll have to climb past a series of extending logs. When you get to the third log, jump on top of it when it’s sliding back into the cliff side and jump up to the next level.

Climb quickly past another log and go left to the fortress rooftops.

13) Basho will remind you that you can equip your “ninja vision” from the bottom left icon (it’s the eye symbol) to scope out the whole scene. Jump onto and climb up the wall standing between the red-roofed building and the blue-roofed building, then throw a smoke bomb down at the samurai below.

Run past him and climb up the wall on the left, then jump right onto the window ledge.

Tips on Making it Through the Fortress

  • There are three rooms total that you need to pass. In each room there is a key and a scrap of paper; you’ll need both before you can make it through the door to the next room.
  • Use throwing stars to cut ropes and put out lanterns, but don’t hit any of the samurai. Smoke bombs will blind them for about six seconds at a time, so make sure to be quick.
  • Use ninja vision whenever you can to make sure you’re taking the right path.

14) Enter the building and use the ninja vision to check out the whole room. You’ll notice a key hanging from a chain below you, a scrap of paper on the floor below you, and a padlocked door on the upper far right. Go right and throw a star at the rope suspending the bamboo door, climb up to the next floor, go right, and drop down onto the ledge below. Click on the golden ring and swing to the other side, then drop down to the next level and grab the haiku fragment.

15) Climb back up the way you came, then throw a smoke bomb at the samurai standing below the golden ring. Walk to his left and drop down to the ledge below.

Throw a smoke bomb down at the samurai to your lower left. Run left past him until you reach the far wall, then climb up and grab the key hanging from the ceiling.

Throw another smoke bomb at the samurai as you return right, and stop when you get to the ledge with the barrel hanging to the right. Throw a star at the rope above the barrel and jump on top. Click the golden ring above and swing over to the narrow ledge on the right wall.

Climb up the right wall and jump onto the left wall before you reach the spikes, then continue climbing and enter the padlocked door.

16) Go right and drop down a level, then throw a star at the standing lamp next to the samurai on the left and continue down the steps.

Throw another star at the hanging lamp on your left and jump over the samurai standing on the last step, sliding down the wall to the floor. Walk a few feet right (staying out of the light) and throw a smoke bomb at the next samurai; run past him and drop down through the floor to the ledge below. Drop down more two ledges.

17) Click the golden ring up to your left to swing across and grab the key, then click it again to swing back.  Throw a smoke bomb at the samurai below you and run past him to the right wall. Jump and climb up a few levels and grab the second haiku fragment. Climb up the rope until you’re just below the samurai on the ledge and throw a smoke bomb at him; as quickly as you can, climb up another few feet and drop down next to him, then jump up to the right wall.

18) You should be positioned right here now:

Click on the golden ring and swing over to the platform on top of the spikes. Jump up to the top level, run right and enter the door.

19) Go right to the edge of the level you’re standing on, throw a smoke bomb down at the samurai on your lower right, run past him and click on the golden ring to swing across the gap. Go up the stair and continue right, throwing stars at the ropes suspending the two bamboo doors. Throw a smoke bomb down at the samurai below you and continue past him through the hole in the wall. Run right and grab the far right wall. You’ll slip down after a few seconds – climb back up until you’re about level with the ledge where the key is hanging, then jump across (don’t touch the spikes!) and grab it.

20) Run back to the wall and slide back down, then climb back up until you’re level with the rope suspending the crate from the ceiling. Throw a star at it and drop back down.

You won’t be able to jump onto the crate from where you’re standing, so you’re going to have to equip your bo staff. That’s right – you’re about to do a pole vault. Before you start, make sure that you’re right up against the wall.

Quickly run left, and, without letting go of the mouse, press spacebar when you’re a few feet from the crate. Throw a smoke bomb down at the samurai below you, jump over the next crate (no vaulting this time!) and pick up the third and final haiku fragment.

21) Now all you need to do is get to the door. Jump back to the top of the smaller crate and up to the next level on the left. Go to the far left edge and throw a smoke bomb down at the samurai below you (it may take some time before he passes within your range – just keep throwing smoke bombs or use ninja eye to monitor his movements). Run past him and up to the next level, throw a star at the bamboo door to pass, and continue down the ramp and to the far left wall. Climb up the right side instead and drop down the other side.

Equip your bo staff and move right; press the spacebar to deflect the spikes shooting out of the right wall at regular intervals. When you get within sight of the wall, wait for the next wave of spikes to finish and quickly do a long jump to the top of the wall.

From where you’re standing, throw a star to the right at the rope holding the bamboo door on the other side of the chasm. Click the golden ring to your upper right and swing across. Enter through the door.

22) You’ll find the shogun to the right of the room, holding Jack and Annie hostage. Throw a star at the rope suspending their cage to release them. Congratulations, your quest is finished!

Actually, no. The shogun will summon a mystical fire dragon to unleash a venomous rage across all of Japan, and it’s up to you to stop it. Jack and Annie will teleport you to Mt. Fuji, where you’ll have to climb up to the summit to mount the legendary Cloud Dragon. Climb the rock above your head, make your way  to the right side of the mountain, jumping from ledge to ledge, and jump up the side to the peak. Climb aboard the dragon to begin the final stage of your quest.

23) Now you have complete control of the cloud dragon. Move your mouse to maneuver through the sky, and click to spray water. Your goal is to defeat the red dragon by spraying as much water as you can at it, while also putting out the fires in the burning buildings below. Once all four buildings burn to the ground, it’s game over. You only have a limited supply of water, so you’ll have to refuel from time to time by flying up into the clouds. If you lose, you can also try again on easy mode, which gives you an unlimited water supply.

Try staying close to the red dragon’s tail, and, if you’re on easy mode, keep spraying as much water as you can at it.

24) Ding, dong, the dragon’s gone! Basho will conveniently show up just when everything’s over and reveal that the shogun is, in fact, his brother.

Use the magic amulet to take you, Jack, and Annie back to the treehouse. Once you’re back home in Frog Creek, Annie will give you a medallion for saving them from the shogun. Congratulations! You’ve completed Red Dragon Island.


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