The Saga Continues

When we last saw Oliver, Mya, and Jorge, they were sailing away from a Viking island with a magical map in hand and a villainous explorer hot on their trail. Now, their adventures continue in book 2 of the Poptropica saga: The Lost Expedition!

¬†Written by resident island designer Mitch Krpata (wait, do you pronounce that as Ker-pata or Kra-pata?),¬†The Lost Expedition finds our heroes on the run from a mysterious organization bent on kicking them out of Poptropica. To celebrate its release, seven free gold cards have been released in the Poptropica store: Secret Society Trooper, Navy Captain, Stun Baton, Loon’s Head Cane, Shakespeare in Love, Amazonian Woman, and the White Out power.


Speaking of new book releases, the next Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, Double Down, will be released on November 1.

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