Welcome to the 2014 Poptropica Awards!

The Oscars are playing tonight, so I thought I’d do my own awards show of sorts. But instead of movies, I’ll be giving an overview of all of the islands that were released in 2013. We’ll start off with…

What a great way to kick off the year! Cool visuals, quirky characters, and a Whodunit-style quest to boot. Poptropica kicked its way into the zombie craze with full force, and boy, did it pay off!



First off, I’d like to say that this island has a lot of great things going for it – it has more free costumes and Easter eggs than any other island on Poptropica. The only thing it lacks is the most important – a solid story. Let’s face it, most of the quest is just you wandering around an empty mall, hoping your cell phone will ring soon so some security guard can tell you what to do next. Even the segway-surfing snake can’t save this island from plodding along at a snail’s pace.


I already mentioned before that my dream job is to become a film director when I grow up. So naturally, I had pretty high expectations for this Hollywood-based quest when it came out, but I was still pleasantly surprised by how exceedingly good it was. This is Poptropica’s homage to the world of cinema, and you can almost see the Creators pouring out their love for the movies onto the screen. The satirical edge is so razor sharp and the dialogue so witty that this island can be enjoyed by adults just as much as children.

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