You Could Guest-Star in the Next Poptropica Island!

Whenever you complete an island, you’re rewarded with a medallion and 50 Poptropica credits (it used to be 100 credits… ah, the good old days). For the next few weeks, completing islands will get you something a lot better than a rusty old medallion or a few measly credits – a chance to star in an upcoming Poptropica quest!

Well, you won’t exactly star in it, but you will at least have a cameo role. I can only imagine how many awkward conversations this will create when you come face-to-face with your own avatar while playing through an island. Every time you complete an island (even one you’ve already finished), you’ll get entered into a drawing, and the winners will get picked at random each week.

So get out there and start playing! Just make sure you choose a good costume to forever be immortalized in in the finished quest. Right now I’m planning on wearing one of these:

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